Kinemaster Old Version [All Versions] 2024

Kinemaster is a widely used video editor application that is loved by all due to its unique features. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. Kinemaster corporation comes up with several updates now and then to improve the application’s functionality. However, some people still prefer the Kinemaster old version for different reasons.

Kinemaster is an easy-to-use application for everyone due to its easy and simple interface. Moreover, you can create new videos or edit old ones using this one-of-a-kind editor. There are no complex features that one might not understand. Moreover, your videos will look professional, and you can use them for any desired platform.

What Is Kinemaster MOD APK?

Kinemaster MOD APK is a modified version of the original Kinemaster Application with some extra features. The Kinemaster application is a freemium app that comes with some paid features. However, if you install the modified application version, you can also use these features for free.

We have developed our version of Kinemaster that is entirely safe for all kinds of devices. You can use it on Android, iOS, and Windows too.

Why Install Kinemaster Old Version?

If you’re using an old device with less RAM, you might notice your device slowing when using Kinemaster. You can download and install the Kinemaster Old Version to run smoothly as it uses lesser RAM. Moreover, Kinemaster’s older version is compatible with all devices, and you can continue creating unique projects.

Kinemaster Features

Kinemaster comes with many different features that help edit and make professional videos. We have discussed some of the essential features below:

Use Multiple Effects

If you know video editing, you must know the importance of adding effects to the video. It helps get the audience’s attention and makes videos more engaging. With Kinemaster APK, you get numerous different effects that you can use in your videos.

Transitions And Animations

You can improve your videos by using animations and transitions. But a lot of people find it challenging to get animations online. Therefore, Kinemaster comes with various animations that everyone can use in their projects. Moreover, different types of transitions are also available that you can use to edit your videos.

Use Multiple Sound Effects

What makes videos more appealing? Good music! You can use the Kinemaster’s library to find the best music and add it to your videos. Moreover, you can edit these sounds according to your needs and use multiple sounds.

Multilayer Editing

If you are working on a video editing project, you might notice that it becomes hard to work on multiple layers separately. However, Kinemaster eases your work and provides an option to edit multiple layers at the same time. Isn’t it cool?

4K Video Quality

Famous YouTubers and Vloggers suggest using the best quality when working on video content. Therefore, Kinemaster offers videos in 4K quality to offer the best results. You can post these videos on YouTube, TikTok, Daily Motion, or any other platform.

Easy And Simple To Use

It doesn’t matter if you are an expert; you can use Kinemaster easily. The interface of the application is very plain and simple, which makes it easier to use. Moreover, all of the features are available on the main screen, and you don’t need to navigate different menus.

Variety Of Filters

You can choose a filter for your video from the Kinemaster’s gallery. After selecting a filter, you can customize it according to your needs. You can also adjust the colors of your video in the Kinemaster Tab. Moreover, you can change the saturation, warmth, and shadows as you like.

No Ads

We have also removed the ads with our modified version to improve the user experience. You can use the application without any disturbance.

No Watermarks

If you’re using the free version of Kinemaster, you might have noticed that all videos have a Kinemaster watermark. However, with Kinemaster MOD APK, you can make videos without the Kinemaster watermark.

All Features Unlocked

All of the premium features are available in the version of the Kinemaster. You can use these features to create amazing videos for your clients and personal projects.


Kinemaster is an all-in-one video editor that you can use to create amazing videos. We hope that this post will help you get familiar with the Kinemaster APK. You can download the Kinemaster old version if you are facing storage issues on your device.


Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, our team ensured this application is safe to use and would not harm the devices.

How Can I Remove The Kinemaster Watermark?

You don’t need to remove the watermark, as our modified version is already watermark free.

Do I Need To Pay Any Fee?

No, you can use all of the features for free.