Kinemaster Premium APK v7.2.6.GP [Unlocked 2024 Download]

Choosing a video editor that has all of the necessary features is difficult. You can use many different types of video editors, but finding the perfect tool that can do everything is hard. Kinemaster is one of the most widely used video editing tools. But it also comes with a premium subscription. We have Kinemaster Premium APK that will help you work on all of the premium features for free.

For newbies and students, it is really hard to pay the subscription fee for the premium subscription of the Kinemaster. The premium subscription is a great way to make professional videos. So, we have Kinemaster Premium APK for everyone looking to use premium features for free.

Download Kinemaster Premium APK

App Info Kinemaster Premium APK
Size 96.36 MB
Requirements 4.1 or UP
Version v7.2.6.GP
Developer Kinemaster Corporation
APK Type Premium Unlocked
Price Free

What is Kinemaster Premium APK?

Kinemaster Premium APK is an application designed for android devices to use all of the unlocked premium features. Although you can work with the simple Kinemaster, premium features are awesome to add effects and other features to your videos.

Kinemaster Premium APK Download

This premium APK will not harm your device in any way, and you can install it without any doubt. The only thing that this APK is going to do is to unlock all of the premium features. This Kinemaster APK is best for YouTubers, Vloggers, Streamers, and everyone. If you want to use Kinemaster in some other layout, you can try Kinemaster Green Pro APK.

What are the Kinemaster Premium APK Features?

There are many numerous Kinemaster Premium features, but we’ll be discussing only a few features below:

No Watermark

Kinemaster Watermark is for all of the videos that are made without the premium version. So, this doesn’t give a professional look to the videos, and you cannot use such videos for clients. The Kinemaster Full Version Premium APK allows you to make videos without the watermark.

Ads Free

One thing that upsets everyone is the ads that play while you’re working on something important. Therefore, this Premium APK is free of all kinds of ads, and you can work on as many videos as you want without ever seeing an ad.

4K Video Editing

We all know that 4K videos are in demand nowadays, and you cannot compete by working on lower-quality videos. Kinemaster Premium APK comes with the ability to edit and create 4K videos if your devices support it. You can make great videos of high quality without any worries.

Chroma Key

This is one of the best features of the Kinemaster Premium. It usually takes hours of work to remove or change the background of the videos, but with Kinemaster, you can do it in seconds. Yes! The Chroma Key feature lets you change the background of any video with simple, easy steps.

Full Unlocked Kinemaster Premium

Audio Recording

If you want to add voice-overs into your videos, you can do it while making/editing the videos. Yes, you do not need to record the audio separately, all of this can be done while you’re working on your projects.

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Kinemaster Asset Store

The Kinemaster Asset Store comes with thousands of effects, animations, and much more to make your videos awesome. You can use the Asset Store items in your videos to come up with videos that are in high demand.

How to Install the Kinemaster Premium APK?

  1. Download the APK file from
  2. Now, locate the Kinemaster Premium APK Download file in the Downloads folder and open it
  3. A pop-up might appear saying that you cannot install files from unknown resources; you will need to go to the settings and enable installations from unknown sources
  4. Now, the installation will begin smoothly
  5. Once the Kinemaster is installed, allow it to access the mobile storage and start making awesome videos

Kinemaster Premium APK Unlocked

Best Rating 5
Worst Rating 1
Average Rating 4.9
Total Rating Counts 8654


Installing the Kinemaster Premium APK allows you to edit videos like a professional, and there’s nothing better than that. This APK is trusted and used by thousands of users, and you can use it too.


Is this Kinemaster APK safe to use?

Yes, this Kinemaster APK is tested safe to use for all devices.

Can I use all of the premium features?

Yes, you can use all of the premium features.

Do I need to pay some fee for premium features?

No, you can use this APK and all premium features for free.

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